Italians love to eat seasonally. It is one of the main reasons why Italian cuisines are so versatile and popular. That’s because they make the best use of fresh ingredients in everything they prepare. 

Winters are coming and it’s time for us to let you know the Italian food list of comfort cuisines that you can enjoy as the year ends. Make sure to try them out as their flavours will be in the prime because of the season.

  • Polenta

It is a starch that is much similar to porridge. Polenta is a staple diet in Northern Italy. It is very simple and can be made in dozens of ways with cheese, butter, milk, etc being added to ground cornmeal so that the resulting texture is rich and creamy. 

  • Cassoeula

It is named after the casserole dish it is cooked in. According to legends, St. Anthony Abbot, the founder of Christian monasticism was a protector of domestic animals. He declared January 17 as the last day when pigs could be slaughtered. So, cooks used up all the unpreservable parts of the pigs’ bodies into this stew. It is a tradition to eat cassoeula after the first frost of the season when the cabbage is soft.

  • Ribollita

Among our Italian food list for winters, we cannot exclude soup. After all, what better way to stay warm? Ribollita is full of winter vegetables like potatoes, kale, carrots, and leftover bread. It is the perfect example of poor cooking known as ‘cucina povera’ where everything is just reboiled.

  • Canederli

This dish consists of bread dumplings made by soaking bread in milk and then mixing it with eggs, cheese, speck, ham, etc. The mixture is then rolled into small balls and served with broth or butter. It is very popular comfort food in northeast Italy which is a must for winters.

  • Pasta in Brodo

Of course, Italians eat their beloved pasta during winters, but with a little twist. It is served in broth. The broth is sometimes made up of small boiled pieces of meat stuffed in the pasta to avoid wastage. But whatever the way of preparation, warmth is guaranteed.

Make sure to go through our Italian food list before you dine out during winters and try something new. Visit Da Italo for enjoying the best Italian cuisines in the Netherlands.


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