Italian cuisines are one of the most loved ones around the world. Think it yourself. When I say the word Pizza or Pasta, doesn’t your mouth just water up thinking of a familiar taste that is comfort food for you despite it being a cuisine from a different country? This is what the beauty of Italian dishes is. They always feel like home no matter what part of the world you’re in.

While we might now be completely aware of what it is that drags us to an Italian restaurant to have the cuisines, here are a few reasons why they are simply the best.

  • Affordable for all

Italian cuisines are not dishes that are made in world-famous restaurants. Instead, they have their origin from the local streets of the country. They are the everyday diet of people there. Thus comes their affordability. You can always enjoy an Italian dish without having to empty your pockets for it.

  • Taste, but with health

Italian cuisines have always been applauded for being a healthy choice. They are made from scratch using the freshest ingredients. Nothing artificial or processed is involved. The recipes contain lots of fruits and vegetables and are rich in olive oil.

  • Simple yet imaginative

The food you have at an Italian restaurant is very simple but can still be tailor-made for you. You will find lots of variation in the same dish served at different locations in Italy and around the world. There is always scope for creativity in the recipes.

  • Quickly served

The best part about Italian dishes is that they are very easy to make. They usually contain only 6-8 ingredients. You can even cook and enjoy them at home. When in a restaurant, you don’t have to wait long. Your food will be served at your table within no time and you can enjoy it.

Apart from all this, Italian cuisines encourage sharing (imagine a pizza, even if you don’t like to share yours). This bonds people together at a table and leads to wholesome conversations. Also, Italian restaurants mostly serve the cuisine with wine which adds a cherry to the cake.

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